Biofertilizers and Biopesticides
The role of fungi in plant nutrition
The knowledge we've acquired over the years related to fungi and microorganisms in the soil and how they interact has led us to work in agriculture, and with impressive results.
Plant nutrition is closely related to how plants absorb water and nutrients from the soil and mycorrhizal or symbiotic fungi play a crucial role in this process. 93% of agricultural plants and 95% of all plant life on the planet have beneficial associated fungi on their roots which improve how they explore the soil and survive under difficult conditions such as drought, salinity or lack of nutrients, and even under extreme conditions. There are also other microorganisms that improve the efficiency of this process, such as saprophytes and helper bacteria.
This is our work process
Our research is based on the search for microorganisms capable of biofertilising plants. Along these lines, we work both with mycorrhizal fungi to improve the absorption of water and nutrients from the soil and also saprophytic fungi which decompose organic matter, as well as fungi for the biocontrol of diseases, phosphate solubilising bacteria (PSB), mycorrhiza helper bacteria (MHB), etc.
MICOFERTIL - 04/16/PA/0006

R&D project financed by the ICE of the Castilla y León government (Spain) through European Union FEDER funds, for the development of procedures to obtain biofertilizers from mycorrhizal fungi and plant growth-promoting bacteria for agriculture.


Once these useful microorganisms for agriculture have been found, the next step is to test them in the laboratory and in the field to assess their efficiency. IDForest is currently working with over 150 fungi and bacteria that have been shown to have a direct application for agriculture. Several of these organisms have already been successfully tested and are now undergoing authorisation for their sale.
The general idea of ​​this innovation is to generate a unique product with a known origin consisting of a mixture of microorganisms adapted to a specific environment (climate + soil), with the ability to act as biofertilizers. It is a service for the isolation and multiplication of Mycorrhizal Fungi, Bacteria and local Trichodermas.
Products and services
Isolation and multiplication service of local mycorrhizal fungi and bacteria.
Certain soils have particular characteristics that, in some cases, the owner wants to preserve and not introduce external organisms. This is the case of many vineyards with special peculiarities provided by the soil (terroir).
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