Transforming ideas
into business
Since 2009 the IDForest team has worked hard on transforming technological ideas into real companies which, today, are generating an income, jobs and data for improvement.
Some of these ideas have been developed for our clients and others for our own use. All of them are innovative firms in their sector.
We are researchers with a business mindset. We're business people who are firmly committed to R&D and innovation.
ECM Ingeniería Ambiental S.L. (2009)
Technological consultancy firm specialising in forest and mycology management.
ID Forest (2010)
Our ideas lab: from nature to the laboratory and then to the market.
Naturae (2011)
Biofactory producing healthy food.
Trufbox Innovation (2015)
Innovative company that sells fresh truffles.
Caleruega Truffles (2016)
First Key Line truffle plantation to optimise water use.
Reservoir Dogs Mycosport (2017)
School and kennels for working dogs.
Trufas del Cerrato (2018)
Technological truffle producer using innovative orchards.
From research to product
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