Genetic identification of fungi
Fungal identification by DNA
One of the most fundamental aspects of any research related to microorganisms is their identification.
This may seem basic but identification is no easy task in the world of fungi and bacteria and previously unseen species are discovered every year.
This is our work process
Much of our work in Fungi Identification is related to research. That's why we work together with the Mycology Chair at the University of Valladolid on research projects that have been underway for over 20 years, identifying fungi all over the world.
Research has shown that new primers need to be used for genetic identification. These are tested and compared in order to improve our services and offer our clients advanced solutions.
The developments completed and tested in the lab are transformed into products and services. In this case development has resulted in us launching a service aimed at identifying fungi for a range of market sectors requiring such assistance.
Products and services
Mushroom identification service


The methodology used is that published in numerous scientific articles.

From research to product
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