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Jaime Olaizola
Forest Engineering, PhD
He's tried almost every sport and food there is

Jaime Olaizola studied Forest Engineering and then did his Doctoral Thesis on microbiology. Before completing his PhD, he started to collaborate on rural development and innovation projects. In 2008 he was given a Torres Quevedo contract to encourage doctors to join companies and before this ended (October 2009) he set up his first company with another two colleagues from the university (ECM Ingeniería Ambiental). In 2010 he set up IDForest in order to apply the scientific knowledge acquired in the laboratory. From that moment on, he's focused on developing business ideas related to fungi and based on the research carried out. In 2011 he co-founded Naturae, a company that develops healthy active ingredients for the agrifood and nutraceutical industries. In 2015, together with David Francés and Sergio Labanda, he set up, an innovative provider of fresh truffles. In 2016 (Wine Truffles-Trufas Caleruega), 2017 (Reservoir Dogs) and 2018 (Trufas del Cerrato) he set up a further 3 companies to take advantage of the knowledge acquired in trufficulture technology. He's currently developing another company specialising in the use of fungi and bacteria as organic biofertilisers.