Luis Santos del Blanco
Agricultural Engineer, PhD
He enjoys the mountains, science and home-grown tomatoes

Luis is an agricultural engineer with a PhD in plant genetics and ecology. His research has focused mainly on discovering the genetic basis of variations between individuals for certain properties of interest.

As a researcher, Luis has published in leading journals in the fields of ecology, botany and mycology and is currently Associate Editor of the scientific journal Forest Systems.

Before joining IDForest, Luis started his scientific career at the Forestry Research Centre (CIFOR) of the National Institute of Agrarian Research (INIA), during which time he also spent periods at Oxford University (UK) and the University of New South Wales (Australia), resulting in him being awarded his PhD.

He then worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the department of Ecology and Evolution of Lausanne University (Switzerland), one of the most prestigious in the world. There he continued with his research, as well as becoming interested in the world of business. His business idea in mycology was chosen for the Technology and Innovation Commission's programme by the Swiss government, Business Concept.

At the same time as his academic work, Luis has always been very interested in and enthusiastic about studying fungi. As an amateur mycologist, he has collaborated with numerous mycological seminars and is the author and co-author of several educational guides. At a professional level, after completing his agricultural engineering studies, he worked as a technician on the Mycological Resources and Rural Development programme in the county of Cerrato, Palencia. Thanks to this programme, several initiatives have been set up to encourage truffle production in El Cerrato, Palencia.

Since he joined IDForest, Luis has been responsible for ensuring the company's high standard of research, putting forward innovative proposals and supervising R&D projects.