Metagenomic or mass sequencing analysis
Soil metagenomic analysis
One of the lines of applied research in which IDForest is most involved is metagenomic or mass sequencing in soil samples.
In particular, we focus on discovering why each microorganism is in each location and which other organisms it relates and interacts with. Our team of specialists in bioinformatics and state of the art machine learning techniques are helping to further this field of knowledge.
This is our work process
At present, very little is known about how microorganisms in the soil interact with each other and also with plants and the climate because, until very recently, the analytical techniques (identification) were not available and it was impossible to process massive amounts of data. We can now carry out advanced studies thanks to two new technologies applied by IDForest: Metagenomic Analyses and Big Data Techniques.
The process developed by IDForest and used to search, identify, find and apply our findings is carried out both for ourselves, looking for fungi with a range of applications, and also for companies interested in this area.
- Fungi and bacteria that can be used as biofertilisers for specific crops, such as vines.
- Pathogenic fungi in soils.
The knowledge gained from analysing and processing data in our R&D projects means we can carry out mass sequencing and bioinformatic processing services for any company or individual requiring such information.
Products and services
Metagenomic or mass sequencing analysis service

1º Mass sequencing and bioinformatic processing to identify the fungi and bacteria sequenced 

2º Assessment of the results according to the original problem: pathologies, production problems, plant nutrition, etc.

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