People are what matter
IDForest is a company with researchers, engineers, biotechnologists and biologists dedicated to developing business ideas around fungi, for their application in various industries.
Our approach is based on continuous learning: learning from nature, from science, from our colleagues and collaborators, from ourselves and even from our dog. Know-how is our capital.
This is our team
Forest Engineering, PhD
He's tried almost every sport and food there is
Agricultural Engineer, PhD
He enjoys the mountains, science and home-grown tomatoes
Forest Engineer, PhD
She loves travelling, yoga and gardening
Forest Engineer, PhD
She likes singing while driving and is learning to play the dulzaina
Forest Engineer, MSc
He likes cooking, travelling and making wine
Biologist, MSc
He loves the mountains, climbing and alpine sports.
Forest Engineer, PhD
He loves everything to do with nature and traditional flavours
Forest Engineer, PhD
He likes travelling and enjoying nature with his family and friends
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